We understand the hiring challenges you are facing in today’s insurance market.

  • Attracting experienced producers/sales talent
  • Finding and developing “next generation” insurance professionals
  • Retaining your current skilled insurance staff
  • Fierce competition from other firms for your best employees
  • Client demand for faster and more efficient servicing of accounts

Our recruiting and consulting services include:

  • Developing an in-depth understanding of your company’s position and competitive advantages in the market place

  • Understanding the job requirements, soft skill sets, and cultural “fit” necessary for the position

  • Creating a candidate value proposition to attract top talent

  • Sourcing sales people for organic producer roles

  • Advising on compensation and benefits packages

  • Confidential or replacement search

  • Salary negotiation and onboarding advice

We offer programs for both contingency, retained search, and entry-level recruiting/consulting. We provide industry references and related testing services.

Contact us to discuss your unique hiring needs: 425-298-0278 or info@insuranceresourcing.com

Proud Sponsor

Many of you know that I am a PNW insurance recruiting specialist. A lot of you are my clients. We all have the COVID BLUES right now, so rather than sitting back and waiting for the economy to bounce back, I have decided to start my own “insurance farm”.

I’m on a mission to use this “reset” time to harvest new employees for our industry, but I’m going to need your help!

The Opportunity in Front of us:

Lots of people are losing their jobs. Most have never considered insurance as a career path or if they have tried to apply to online insurance job posts, they have typically been told they need a license and agency experience or worse, they received no response at all. So they have moved on to other industries who were happy to hire them.

My goal is to develop a farm of “insurance trainees” that are using this time to take the P & C pre-licensing class/test so that they are ready for you to hire once we are back in full swing again. I have a goal of developing 10 trainees in all of the counties in Puget Sound!

Who is interested in talking to my “farm”?

Email me at kyork@insuranceresourcing.com or call 425-298-0278.

Help me make the Insurance Industry the new Career Path for the next generation!