Don’t just flatten the curve—get ahead of it.  Use this time to study for your insurance license and for less than $70 and 40 hours of your time, you can prepare yourself NOW to start your insurance career!

 I am an insurance recruiter.  My services are free to candidates, my employer clients pay me a finder’s fee if they hire you!  You work directly for the employer. These are permanent long-term career positions!

I’ve put this Q & A together to help you prepare for an entry level role in the insurance industry.

Insurance is an “an essential business” and it weathers downturns better than most industries.  Think of it like toilet paper, whether you are an individual or a corporation, you just have to have it.

Just before the virus outbreak, my phone was ringing off the hook with insurance firms asking me to find them newly licensed people. Most agencies and brokerages will need you to get licensed in Property and Casualty (P & C) and often Life and Disability (L & D) before they will hire you or allow you to talk to with clients. You can’t talk to a customer or change a policy without having your insurance license!

How do I get my insurance license, what does it cost, and how long does it take?

Pre-licensing class is online and requires 40 hours for each set of coverage and you have 90 days to complete the online training.  Once you have completed the class, you take the online State Licensing Test.  Once you pass, you get finger printed and you pass a background check, then the State issues you a license.  It’s that easy!  Plus, it’s yours to keep forever provided you complete 24 hours of continuing education every 2 years (most agencies pay for this and it is only about $40 plus a small cost for license renewal).

Insurance School is 50% off right now! 

Slater Insurance School is offering a never seen before 50% off rate till 4/5/2020.  For just $62.50 plus tax, and 40 hours of your time, you can be ready to start your career with any insurance agency or brokerage.  Sign up for training at use code stayhome50 at check out.  Bonus: most agencies and brokerages will reimburse you for your licensing costs either as part of the employment offer or within 90 days of being on the job!

Still not convinced insurance is right for you?  Call me and let’s have a “career chat”!

I am on a mission to add new talent to the insurance industry.  I am currently representing candidates who are on the path to obtaining their license within the next 30 to 45 days.  Call me at 425-298-0278.  Please check out my website, for more information.  I created it for people just like you that want to get started in the insurance field.

The Insurance industry provides stable, long-term employment. All you need to do is get your insurance license to open the door to this great new career opportunity!